The Academy Awards prediction game for Twitter

The 2020 Academy Awards take place on Sunday 9 February 2020. How many winners can you predict? The game is simple: select your predicted winner in all 24 categories (see below) and you get a point for each correct forecast. In the incredibly likely event that multiple players share the top score at the end, determining our outright winner(s) will use the following tie-breaker procedure:

  1. a correct prediction for the colour of the Best Actress's dress (as determined by @kirstieh)
  2. from those remaining after the dress colour tie-breaker, the best prediction(s) of the total number of people winning Oscars
  3. anyone still inseparable after that will get a share of the prizes

How to play

The entry deadline has now passed for this year.

Chip in £5 or £10 for our prize!

Since 2012 we have offered a crowd-sourced PRIZE for the winner. You'll find all the details here.